Here is the list of jobs which are accessible after the DUT and/or the Professionnal Licence SIL.

Production and exploitation

Data bases administrator, systems and networks administrator, analyst of exploitation, data-processing park manager, help desk technician, network and telecommunication technician, webdesigner and webmaster.

Studies, development and integration

Project manager, video games developer, programmer analyst, project director, integrator, ERP parametror.

Administration and management of the direction of the information systems

Data-processing auditor, Director of the information systems, studies manager, exploitation manager.

Support and technical aid

Person in charge for internal affairs, Trainer, Systems analyst, technical Director, Responsible safety, safety Specialist, method Specialist, network Architect, technical Architect, databasis Architect.

Advice in information system and control of work (MOA)

Project leader MOA, Conseil - consulting in information system, Consulting in business intelligence, Consulting in safety, MOA Consultant, ERP Consultant, Consultant specialized in not yet mature markets, Responsible in control for the change, Responsible for IF trade, functional project officer, Architect of IF.


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