a zoom on computing in the iut

The teaching course both takes into account the diploma's professional dimension and a more general training objective; the student acquires know-hows but also knowledge, basis concepts and working methods that he will be able to apply in professional situations.

The DUT in computing, a two year (1800 hours of courses, supervised and application works, 300 hours of projects, 10 weeks of job training) university course diploma (L2 level in the European schema LMD , 120 European credits) :

The owners of the DUT in computing are superior technicians, able to participate in the designing, production and integration of computing systems. However, if they wish to, they can also pursue their studies at the end of this diploma.

The Professional licence Computing systems and software (SIL in France), a three year university course diploma (L3 level in the the LMD schema, 180 European credits):

The owners of this diploma are specialists able to participate in a developing software project and at last, to take the complete responsibility for it.

Validation of the experience acquisition:

It is also possible to ratify one experience so as to obtain a diploma, a title or a professional qualification certificate, see the government website about the validation of the experience acquisition (VAE).


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