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The Academic Institute of Technology (IUT) in France are spread all over the territory and are about 115, ensuring a strong anchorage into the local and regional economic environment. Nevertheless meetings between the IUT departments' supervisors certify the coherence teaching course.

The IUT has a premium academic teaching wich has been acknowlegded and appreciated by firms for more than 40 years, thanks to the setting up of programs adapted to the professional reality and to the creation of diplomas responding the emersion of new workmanships.

The training covering the main sectors (secondary and tertiary) and proposing the collaboration of professionals makes the strength and the success of the IUT, and thereby enables the students to find a job in the six months following the delivery of their diploma.

This diversification of diplomas and training courses leads to the setting up of different courses, which thus suit to a larger number of students and professionals who want to go back studying or to do a VAE, i.e. a validation of the acquisition of experience.

Besides, the IUT, have a partnership with foreign universities in order to suggest a pursuit of study abroad.

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