computer science at the iut

The department of computer science of the IUT in France train students to computing and to team work so as to prepare them to their integration in working life. It therefore offers a teaching supervised by available teachers, and professionals who teach students a practical and concrete experience of the computing line of work.

The part dedicated to computer science of the teaching is based on 3 axes, each of them requiring specific qualities and skills:

-Tools and methods for software engineering :
that deals with the previous work in relation with the customer to specify his needs and expectations. This stage requires senses of communication, open mind, and analysis and synthesis.
-Algorithmic and programming:
the reflexion on the solution to give to the customer and its encoding; this stage needs a logical mind, and a technical accuracy.
-At last architecture system and network:
the understanding of how computer works, its operating system and the networks (The Internet, Local Area Network...). This training part requires the following qualities: Curiosity and patience.

To those teaching objectives, other general academic disciplines are added for half of the teaching learning time (Mathematics, Economy, Communication...), that provide a multidisciplinary aspect to the training.
Besides, the assessment is based on theory but also on practical situations, via supervised projects and a work placement in a company enabling to validate the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.


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