Presentation of the training

Why choose BUT training ? 

What to do after a general baccalaureate? Why not choose training in IUT (University Institute of Technology)?

After registering on Parcoursup, the admission is based on application file, letter of motivation (even letter of recommendation), possibly on tests or interview of motivation.

The major strength of this pathway is the educational supervision.



The teaching are taught by a team of university teachers, university lecturers and professionals. This diversity allows students to cross points of view and experiences and to feed on an obvious plurality.

Over the two years, during the four semesters, in addition to mid-term (every three months) and end-of-semester partials, the notation also takes into account the continuous assessment, that is to say the returns during the work directed, supervised homework organized by teachers, etc. Unlike universities, where only partial ones count.



In addition, semesters validation is conditioned by a general average greater than or equal to 10/20 without having a teaching unit (UE) less than 8/20.

Two consecutive semesters can be compensated if the marks of one are not sufficient.

Throughout the course for graduation, learning combining theory (lectures), practice (seminars, practical work and projects) and professional experience (a 3-month internship is mandatory at the end of the second year to validate the diploma) of the technology degree makes the students versatile and effective quickly.


IUT in a few words

The specificities of the computer IUT are numerous. Throughout the training, students work on separate work environments, such as Linux or Windows, to learn on different media.



Innovative working methods compared to high school are also taught, including agile methods. These project management methods are aimed to involve the client in the development process and to show the team's production on a regular basis. These new approaches are opposed to cascading methods, namely, planning from the beginning, the complete development of the project (from the design to the final rendering). The projects carried out throughout the course make it possible to practice the techniques learned.

Languages as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Java, C, C++, ADA or XML (mobile programmation) are teached during the four semesters.



In parallel with teaching, many events are organized within an institute. For example, IUT - business forums take place, during which students can meet directly with professionals from the field to find an internship for example. There are also forums to learn about study prosecution, to simulate professional job interviews, etc...


Female computing

Current figures

There are currently 11% female students in computer engineering schools in France. This low percentage of women shows that this sector needs greater diversity, so that projects can be more inclusive and relevant.



Women now represent, in all trades combined, just under 28% in the digital sector, which is still in full development (compared to 48% in the rest of the economy).


The schooling reality

This weak presence of women in the computer industry can be explained by the clichés which, even today, have hard skin. The environment is considered masculine, sexist, leaving little time for personal activities...

Nevertheless, the reality is very different. More and more young girls are going into computer studies. Every year, the number of women increases and the interest in the section increases. This is due to the many initiatives taken to introduce computer science and the industry in general to high school students.


Initiatives taken

Indeed, initiatives are taken and the institutes organize conferences with female figures from the IT community: testimonials of their experiences or their remarkable career. For example, DELL employees offered to sponsor second-year DUT female students.



In 2016, many women have signed a platform in 'Les Echos' entitled "It is urgent to strengthen the presence of women in the tech", to challenge the government on this issue.


“Yesterday, they were called Ada, Grace, Anita. They? These are the pioneers of digital. Many people are unaware of it, but it is a woman who in the nineteenth century created the first computer program: Ada Lovelace. Another woman, Grace Hopper, who in 1959 designed the first programming language. Always a woman, Anita Borg, who, in the 1980s, devised a system to analyze high-speed memory systems and was one of the first active users of email. But since the 1970s and 1980s, the computer hardware and software industry has become a business of men, whose women are gradually being pushed aside.”

Do I have the right profile for computer IT ?


Since IT is a constantly evolving field, it is important to focus on new innovations in the field.


To be organized and constant in one's work is a considerable advantage, both in terms of personal work and in the organization of one's time.


In programming or maths, logic is an essential quality that allows you to be effective in your work, thoughtful and take a step back.


Debug, resume, launch, resume again. Patience is vital to not tear your hair.

Creative and  innovant

Keeping an inventive spirit is an asset, for the organization of its code or for the visual aspect of your future websites, for example.

Be attentive and enjoying team work

The many projects completed during the course will convince you that social qualities are important in this training.

Press reviews


photo Dorellon Guillaume

Guillaume Dorellon

20 ans, Former student

Many good memories at the UIT of Montpellier, where I could learn and develop a lot of skills around IT

photo Trinquier Sébastien

Sébastien Trinquier

21 ans, App and web developer

If I were honest, I would say that I spent more time at home than at the UIT of Montpellier. But above all, it was 3 beautiful years with good moments in an almost perfect setting. I highly recommend this education and this city.

photo Mondoloni Laure

Laure Mondoloni

21 ans, Front-end web developer

I can say without shame that the years I spent at the UIT were the ones I enjoyed the most! The best part of this story is that the vast majority of this knowledge is useful, to me today, in the professional world.

photo Gasquet Malo

Malo Gasquet

21 ans, Master 1 AIGLE

The DUT gave me a quality education with a balance between theoretical and technical knowledge, I still consider today that it is the best training to start a career in the computer world so the variety of themes and technologies addressed opens doors to multiple sectors.

photo Papin Tilo

Tilo Papin

18 ans, 2nd year

I discovered the IT department of IUT after the open house, my interest in this section was done by seeing the projects made by the students. I very quickly decided to choose this orientation because I did not really have other ideas. So I went to the IUT with some trepidation on the first day.

Very quickly I was conquered by the open minding of the students of the department and I was able to find a place easily. The presence of very varied courses outside the programming courses (communication, mathematics, savings ...) gave me an even more precise idea of ​​my post-DUT orientation. A very reassuring feeling.

The presence of non-computer courses may discourage some, but in reality it is an opportunity. I am now at the end of the second year of IUT informatique, and I can affirm that all these subjects make it possible to greatly facilitate the professional insertion or the continuation of studies. Moreover, in spite of these subjects, the courses and TD in computer science predominate and make it possible to acquire multiple competences.

The first year in IUT is accessible without having any programming knowledge. For my case I had barely programmed. I was able to quickly adapt to the rhythm of the courses, which are all very well explained.

IT is an ever-growing field, so I encourage you to take an interest in the IT department, which will definitely open doors to the job you want.