At the end of the technology degree, the students are assistant engineers and project managers in computer management and industrial computing. Immediately operational in software and hardware development, they participate in the design and implementation of computer systems according to the specifications that are submitted to them. They are able to meet the needs of companies in terms of network administration, program design and implementation, technical assistance, database management ...


Study pursuit

After university degree in technology, 80% of students choose to continue their studies.



Indeed, following a BUT, many courses are available for young graduates:

  • University curriculum in faculties. The computer training of the college offers students coming from a computer BUT to go directly into the third year and thus make a basic license. It is also possible to continue in master, something impossible following a professional license.


  • Engineering schools (or engineering schools). If you have not integrated an engineering school after the baccalaureate, but becoming a computer engineer is now your project, you can enter engineering school through parallel admissions.